What We Do

K•J,llc focuses on the business objectives you define and tailors all activities to satisfy these objectives.

K•J, llc considers your company, your people, your competition and your market, and it is to this end we apply the most effective methodologies and the most useful resources to meet your objectives.

Key areas wherein we help create value for you and your customer:


  • Defining or Reaffirming Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Establishing Strategic Values
  • Crystallizing Core Competency
  • Identifying Strategic Opportunities
  • Creating Enterprise Excellence
  • Developing Competitive Value Propositions
  • Developing Customer Satisfying Values
  • Achieving Corporate Transcendence


  • Defining and Creating an Optimized, Effective and Professionally Executed Global Supply Chain
  • Identifying and Developing Processes to Reduce Existing Expenses and Avoiding New Costs
  • Creating Transparency and Visibility Across the Chain
  • Redeploying Cash from Inventory
  • Identifying and Mitigating Risk Threats Using "What If" Analysis
  • Understanding and Applying LEAN, 6-Sigma, and Rapid Response Processes
  • Creating Supply Chain Profitability


  • Developing People for Professional Growth
  • Investing in Future Leaders
  • Building Architecture for Creativity, Invention and Innovation
  • Understanding the Intelligent Change Process
  • Shifting the Paradigms
  • Demanding Thought Leadership
  • Getting to the Right Business Decisions
  • Building Expert Teams
  • Making the Complicated Simple