How We Help
Business Strategy
“The rate of change in the global business environment is unprecedented, forcing organizations to challenge many of the assumptions about how they operate…”
Mike Rake, Chairman, KPMG International - © 2006 The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd.
We work with your team to create an environment for rethinking the business model – before working on the business – to look at markets and trends, at competition and customers, at the organization itself—and only then do we develop a flexible and sustainable profit model to ensure that future direction will be successfully implemented.
Business Strategy
“Time-based, effective and efficient logistics requires us to think beyond conventional definitions and strategies – the paradigms shift and change.”
U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Vision 2020--Focused Logistics.
We work with your logistics and supply chain group to develop an operations methodology that is linked to the company strategy with clear aspirations, optimized service, cost, and risk goals.  We “rethink” processes to maximize speed, flexibility and operational efficiencies that provide value to the customer and in turn, position the supply chain as an enabler of revenue and margin growth.
Business Strategy
“Any use of a human being, in which less is demanded of him and less is attributed to him than his full status, is a degradation and a waste.”
Norman Wiener, The Human Use of Human Beings.
We use our successful proprietary Promotables Program, designed for your next generation of leaders and for individuals you will likely charge with greater responsibility and we address the basics of thinking, the thinking tools we own and new tools we need to develop. Using your work environment and today’s unlike “anything before” world, we apply techniques in creativity to develop operational strategy as well as collaborative problem solving techniques … a process in developing thought leadership.